About me

Hi I’m Chris!

I’m a self taught frontend developer who specialises in React & JavaScript. I’ve been coding for 5 glorious years (when I say glorius, I mean full of sweet, blood and tears and the occasional “I cannot do this sh*t” meltdown). One day I woke up and thought “Hey you know what, it’s time for me to give back and help out the community”.

So I started writing blog posts, and articles to help junior developers. Eventually, some of my stuff got picked up by Hackernoon & FreeCodeCamp, where I become of the top 100 contributors for the year 2019:

Here's me with my fancy Top Contributors backpack. Woohoo!

Here’s me with my fancy Top Contributors backpack. Woohoo!

After a year of randomly writing about whatever came into my mind, I decided to start this new blog and zero in and focus on JavaScript and React. Why? Because I have found a passion for teaching, and these are the technologies that land people jobs. I taught myself JavaScript, React and frontend development so I know the struggles that the newbies go through. I also know what it’s like to want to give up and toss your laptop out the window.

Here’s some testimonials from people I’ve helped to date. Just in case you thought I was a big fat liar! Don’t worry if you did, we can still be friends!


If you want to keep upto date with my stuff (articles, videos, courses and what not), feel free to subscribe to my blog here - Don’t worry, I won’t spam you. You’ll only hear from me when I have something important to say.

Also, feel free to drop me an email to hello@jschris.com if you need help or follow me on Twitter.

Can’t wait to help you on your coding journey!